June 24, 2009

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Tools ‹ N4w4c4’s Weblog — WordPress

June 24, 2009




Tools ‹ N4w4c4’s Weblog — WordPress.




via Tools ‹ N4w4c4’s Weblog — WordPress.


via Tools ‹ N4w4c4’s Weblog — WordPress.


Afamia Hotel in Palmyra

May 5, 2008

[blip.tv ?posts_id=886872&dest=28653]

The girl is a symbol of welcoming the visitors who want to come and visit the beutiful sites in Syria. Palmyra is a symbol of our great past civilization.Visitors will see also alot of our traditional industries.

Al-Zehrawi Palace in Homs

May 5, 2008

[blip.tv ?posts_id=886840&dest=28653]

This is were our grandfatheres used to receive their visitors and spend their night times . The wide yard and the different planets in this yard are what most attractive visitors who want to enjoy old Arabic architecture and  houses

Week-10: How we can make it better next time.

May 5, 2008

Hi, I will say now goodbye to the blog assignments and wishing to see you all again – Wikis and the participants- all of you.

Well, I am sure that the coming course would be better after this experience-whether for the participants or for the Wikis. As for us, we are all now familiar with Wiki, its pages, contents, projects.etc. As for Wikis, our evaluation and feedback, as well as our assignments and activity during the class must have given them an insight.

What I want to suggest in this regard is  to get the assignments away from becoming boring and elaborative. Some topics were long-just reading them required alot of time and patience- imagin how it would be difficult to read and summerize each week alot of pages which combine between technology,literature and even sometimes history. I think that , the audio, video, and photograhy assignments were a breath of fresh air .

If we are speaking here about applying the new technology in learning, I suggest to use videos and podcasting in the next courses. As for me I will enjoy the course to the full by watching videos, T.vs, and even computer programs like Power point explaning in picture and sound what shall we do to learn for example photographing, downloading and uploading and even to get CC license. I have the impression that we will enjoy the way of displaying the course assignments and applying them better, using these techniques.

On the other hand, we will save this time to make more discussion, more contribution to Wiki’s projects and contents, as well as editting the topics which we like. 

In this course- may be because it was my first experience- I felt that I needed more time to be more active and contribute better to Wikis’ projects.

I am still thirsty to Wikis’ and LeMill’s spring of learning and I have many questions and wonderings that  I need to find their answers during their tremondous contents and pages.

I wish Wiki and all the participants complete sucess and good luck.

By the way, if the participants wanted to make any project or questionaire, I will be under their disposal.

My Best Wishes and Regards for all of you.

Week-9:FeedBack and Reflective thoughts-What did I learn

May 5, 2008


I think that the last week assignment was the most difficult one. The first thing which comes across my mind now is that I am short of time. The challenge is accelerating.

Well, It wasn’t easy at all. May be because it was the first time for me. I was new for everything in this course starting from the blog, the feed, the Rss and ending with the Video and photographing techniques.

I have already spoken about my impression in my previous blog. So, what I have learned?

 Ok, we have an old proverb which we always repeat, that is, Learning is Light and Ignorance is Darkness. I feel really that I am enlightened. Not to mention the topics which we have learned during the period of the course, I have got more command of English Language; since language is the means of communication, and actually it served like that. Moreover, I have got more familiar with the Net after visiting the abundant sites required by us in our assignments.

It was an interesting experience with Wikiversity, its pages and board; where participants may meet and interact through its discussion page, as well as, capturing the topic they like just by cliking “Edit”.

The course was also a means of saving money and time; as we are tought to use many programs like Photoshope, Audio Player and how to transform MP3 sound, how to upload and download photos, Podcasts and Videos-I have learned also how to use Studio Video Program which links the photos together and turn it into videos- and thank god I have managed at last to solve the puzzle of licensing. In our daily life each topic of the above mentioned requires a full time course. 

Above all, I am recognizing now the importance of team learning in creating challenge and make learning more enjoyable. It would be great to apply it in our educational institutions.

What I liked more is that I restored my old hobby, which is writing and promoted it during the course assignments.

I wish really to contribute and come back to Wiki, as I am indebted to it.


Commenting on other blogs

May 3, 2008

Hi, it is almost the end of course, a thing which makes me regret and wounder how shall I stand to go back to my routin life after I got used to Wikis hardwork.In fact I feel that I am experiencing a change in my life for the better and I want to continue.

It was really tiresome period but It was interesting as well. In fact it costed me alot to stay with Wikiversity because I am working in an area which lacks real net expertise and advanced software. So It is worthworthy and I feel that I am lucky . Unfortunately I couldn’t open most of the blogs of Wkis’ Course participants. I managed to open only the following blogs which I am going to comment on.

As copyright licensing was the most puzzling question for me, I chose to start my commentation with this issue and begin with Cormac’s blog.

In his blog about copyright, Cormac discusses the advantages and disadvantages of copyright licensing leaving the debate opened because it is subject to different uses and circumstances. This technique in my opinion indicates uncertainity which is a new trend in modern literature. And it is really the characteristic of our nowadays.

On the other hand, Rosmari in her Blog about the same subject begins by refering to the historical background of copyright then she moves to the alternatives which technology offers. After that, Rosmari speaks about open education resources and the free license offered by CC.

 In her opinion this is a good alternative which allows everybody to get benefit without causing any harm. She stresses the question of compatibility with the state’s law. Before she moves finally to the copyright in Sweden she stresses her opinion that: technology makes a good alternative provided that there must be a compatibility with law. This is the common style of discussion which divides the topic into three points: general background-the body of the topic-A conclusion.

On the other hand, I enjoyed very much Juha Valonen’s  analysis and explanation of the effect of copyright on the process of thinking and creativity. He stated his opnion very clearly. Although he  justifys the process of protecting one’s works, yet he condemns manipulation of learning.  Juha is revolutionary to a great deal in his blog and uses realistic events of our everyday life in his critical essay. 

I will move now to a more artistic theme and discuss the beautiful blog of Barbara concerning taking and sharing pictures. The first thing which attracted my attention is the beautiful arrangement of her Page which added more touch of beauty to her artistic blog. So, Barbaras’ Blog and beuatiful images contributed together to make her blog interesting. The scene of the sculpture and the tower were beautiful but I am wondering how it will be  fantastic if we could see the whole tower with the scene around it, the same thing is for the Sculpture. Anyhow Brbara’s images reflected a high acuracy.  She was sucessfel in the links she made to add more concentration on her subject. 

Coming now to the self-paced  participants. In his blog about the freedom of software , James Neill handles the idea of free learning using links and examples. The essay attracted my attention, as I saw in it alot of humanitarian touches. James in his blog speaks about the human students and the human people rather than the consumers. He uses logic when he speaks about the importance of thinking in creating new ideas. He was sucessful in providing links to support his arguement.

With Enric Senabre Hidalgo, the artistic designer, I spent alot of time looking for a blog which I can handle and comment on. I was lost in the branches of his spanish presentations and divisions. Anyhow, I tried to understand his blog ” Some thoughts around Tuomi 2006″. He starts by discussing  The potential impact of open educational resource initiatives. He stresses his opinion which is contradictory to Tuomi’s obtimistic one, regarding the information society. Then he moves to speak about the importance of Open Source and its influence on the students and the future of learning, in general. Enric is very cultured and sophisticated and he tried to reflect that in his blogs. But, being just simple and new to the modern technology and techniques, I would have had enjoyed his blogs better if he used more simple approach. But I enjoyed his design which reflects clearly his artistic background. 

Moving now to a different issue with Gerald A. I am interested in what he wrote about Wikiversity and LeMill. I think I feel the same, regarding these two great institutions, in other words, things were easier with  Wikiversity concerning the acessibility and the search methods. I felt that LeMill is very advanced and huge for the starting users like me to explore its pages. It needed more time from me than Wikiversity did. In fact, the reason might be that I have got more familiar and more used to Wikiversity. Anyhow, Gerald forgot to mention the main clarifying technique which Wiki uses, that is, its board which enables everyone to explore Wikis and moves through its pages supported by the various links on every page.

What about Camila Dantas’  “Thinking about OER as a movement”. In her discussion, Camila reflects on Tuomi’s report by posing questions and wonderings about the role of Open Resource Movement and the role of the individuals in this movement. She states that it is early to meajure the amount of change this movement could offer. Alll we have in the meantime are mere questions and wonderings. Again, it is another technique to express uncertinity.

Now what did Mirka Jokela did with regard to Wikiversity and LeMill. In his blog about this subject, he stated that he registered in both institutions but he couldn’t contribute to their projects becuase he didn’t find something worthworthy to work upon. Well, I think it is enough  that he tried to do so. Every effort one makes in the way of learning deserves appreciation rather than shame. I am sure he will contribute to a great extent in the future, as long as he continues seeking learning..

I will conclude my blog with the hero of Wikis, Ercan. Ercan acts as our host and our tutor. With his questions he added alot of fun and joy, as well as, alot of precious information, instructions and invitations. Unfortunately Ercan, I didn’t start yet help in making the open source software better. But, I promise you to try my best as a reply to your invitation. In his blog about the future of open resources movement and free software, Ercan seems obtimistic and he stresses the importance of cooperation between governments in order to acheive the goal of Free Software and Open Resources movement.

He provides a great deal of examples and links about the methods of applying software techniques. He was really great. 

The Important and Historical Places in Homs/Syria

April 28, 2008

[blip.tv ?posts_id=868795&dest=28653]

Homs has many historical and inportant places like Palmyra, Khaled EbnEl-Walid Mosque, Homs Castle, Alzehrawi Palace and Homs Museume

Week 8 – April 28st: Sharing Videos

April 26, 2008

Hi, with videos we are capturing the live moments of life  and with sharing our videos we are sharing our lives. So, let’s see what the following vidoes sites tell us.

Vidipedia, is the free video encyclopedia site which provides free edit,free downloading and free documentation licence for its videos. Sites like  Scivee and YouTube offer copyright licence under Creative Commons. Other sites like Sutree , Videolectures, Videojug, Graspr,etc provide only free editting . Some of the video sites however, provide downloading only by money (purchasing the video) and others offer a link to the vidoe source instead of direct free  editting.

In fact  the problem of copyright licensing is somehow a complicated one. As for me, I can’t understand why one site allows only a free editting, or just a link to the original source, while other site allows free downloading and free copyright licensing.

While I was trying to download a video from one site which offers freedownload, I have come across   a term which insists on not removing the copyright license which is in the lower part of the page, in order to complete the downloading process. I think that this is the logical and right action required in the process of downloading.

I suggest to use this reference (the copyright license link) always in the process of downloading, in order to protect the proprietary right of the author. In this way we will be able to get benefit of the other works, build upon them and use them in our projects without harming the original source.

Accordingly, I want to suggest this process to negotiate the open use of videos. It is the right of the author to protect his work. But it is worthworthy to think of the question of creativity.  We need just to refer to the copyright license in our process of downloading and Using other’s videos. This is the right way in my opinion if we want to build and create.

Wishing to attribute to the question of  copyright licensing and see always free copyright, just like free open learning and resources.


Week 7 -: Sharing Audio-And music can fill your heart with Love –

April 17, 2008

Hello Dear Wikis and partcipants

In fact our title for the seventh week plog carrys something new and Interesting. It seeks creativity in building our assignment and creativity in the method of applying it. So, we are learning in this week how to creat a beatiful  description of a beautiful image depending on both audio software and photographing software. In addition to that we are studying how to share our audios as educational resources online by visiting the following interesting audio sites.

Lets have a look on something new and creative for those who enjoy using audio software.

Beginning with Podcasting, it is a means of distribution. So, we have a series of digital-media files distributed over the internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and computers. The feeds are usually distributed using RSS or Atom protocols to the podcatching client-Apple’s i Tunes player-the required software for podcasts’ syndication.

There are three way of listening to the Podcasts: through an MP3player, by using computer media player software, or by adapting VoIP technology through dialing a phone number. On the other hand, there are a wide variety of applications for podcast, including distribution of school lessons, conference meetings updates and public safety messages by police stations.

Being a means of distribution and sharing information, it became a popular way of learning. Teachers and students can share information and communicate with each others using this publishing tool. Thus podcast users may record book discussions, language lessons, interviews and music performances, as well.

Moving now to Ogg Vorbis or Vorbis audio compression, we have here a compression tool- an open non patent, royalty free and general-purpose compressed audio format for mid to high quality.

While the Audio creative commons indicates featured creators, tools and works like the “featured audio sites” wich include an outline to a  both legal and practical issues that are specifically relevant for podcasters, such as using music and video in a podcast. Other examples are “legal music for remixing” which points out to the making use of  CC-licenses, “pump audio” which refres to the process of licensing in commercial media projects, “ccMixter” which tracks samples across different artists, “sectionz”, a music community that offers Creative Common-licensed tracks, “Dmusic”, “Freesound”-A collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed works, “Featured Audio works”, “Neeru Paharia”, etc. 

After studying the above three  Open podcast hosting sites, we have to learn about  podcasting services through the following two examples.

The first one is “Odeo”, through wich audio channels—podcasts, music, Mp3 files and much more are played. the other one is “Switchpod”, which is a podcast host that hosts audio and video files adding them to an rss feed that people can use and download.

We need finally to know about the Free,Cross-Platform Sound Editor “Audacity” which is identified as an open source software for recording and editing sounds and is available for more than one operating system. The” Audacity” is sudtained by “The Lame” which is a project which was aiming at speed up the dist10 sources, and leave its quality untouched. Today, it is considered the best MP3 encoder at mid-high bitrates and at VBR.

In conclusion, we are introduced to a new technology which depends mainly on RSS distribution channels technique by which we may share a live communication, worldwide, using our sounds,images, as well as writings. 

Thanks to the Podcasts’ technology and technicians