Week 2 – March 10th: Introduction to LeMill and Wikiversity

Hello again

I made a tour to LeMill and Wikiversity and didn’t come back yet

Here is my information about this trip

Of course first of all I had to register in these sites so, I made my registration in LeMill and explored this vast area which contains a huge amount of information. I think that I am lost while I was exploring this site. Anyhow I managed to join LeMill Development group, as well as Wiki in Education and History of New Media. I remember also that I joined the Forum oh How to foster Open Education Resourses. But I didn’t know how to come back to this Forum. I remember also that I wrote something about History of New Media expressing my support for this group and edited added the content of open learning to my collection

I understand that LeMill encourages Open Education Resourses and I like that. But I was a little bit nervous because I needed a lot of time and Patience to acquire with this site and I didn’t finish yet as I have to explore the four parts of this site completely which are Content,Method,tools and community. I liked to be introduced to something new but I didn’t like to search randomly and rapidly to finish my job. I will finish my trip later after I submit this plog. 


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