Week(6):A summary of what I have learned from the task of week-6- (Taking and Sharing Pictures)

Dear All,

Hello to the final step of week (6). As for me I am hardly catching my breath. In fact I feel as if I am coming from a battle. The assignment was exhosting and I am realy afraid to have a reviewing look to my work and to see how many mistakes and errors I have committed.

Well, after all it is good to see that I have managed to learn a lot of things that didn’t come across my mind before like photograpging, uploading and sharing pictures. In fact, I watched even the process of Accbrush (painting) and tried to memorize every step of this career in order to apply it on my walls and doors.

To begine with photographing, It was the hardest task for me.  In fact I spent almost half of the assignment time on the process of learning how to photograph, the other half was almost spent on the process of learning about picture’s taging, categorizing, descripnig and mainly licensing.               I was about to give up in the last step (licensing).

I have enjoyed reading the photograhing tips like the rule of thirds, working with the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, capturing the right angle, filling the frame,etc. But applying these step was something else.

On the other hand I needed a lot of patience to learn about meeting and achieving the required  standard of quality image and featured image on commons, as well as how an image is nominated by commoners to become a featured image after meeting ceratain standards like the question of  size, coloure, exposure, noise, depth of field. etc.

After that, it became easier to me to learn about dealing with programs like( Adop photoshope) and manage pictures as to edit them, add touch, balance, saturation,etc. 

Similarly, I didn’t find real difficulty in dealing with the program of (Paint) after I have got familiar with its tools ( the use of buttons, system requirements, framework,etc.) and the method of applying them.

Coming to (Flickr), I liked this site more than any other site, yet uploading an image file was somehow hard for me with regard to image taging, describing, categorizing and especially adding license. Yet,   I learned and enjoyed downloading my pictures to Flickr, sharing them and creating my own Album.

I have chosen to download the picture of ruins in Palmyra which is the most wonderful ruin site in Syris and which is related to my own home town (Homs), as well as the picture of an old open bathing place in Old Damascus which is exactly the same as in my town (Old Homs). I wish I could give         an idea about Syria ruins and old places as I know that most people like to learn about  such an old places like Palmyra which stands unique in its history with ita famous Roman places and walls, as well as watching its distinctive camels. Old Arabic houses, old markets, old places like the open bathing rooms worth also, in my opinion, stoping at them.

Finally, when I have had to download them to Wikimedia Commons, I faced the problem of giving them Creative Commons license and I had to read alot about Creative Commons licensing tips and commit alot of downloading mistakes before I manage to use these tips and add a license. I have learned also something very important in this site: never, never think to violate copyright and licensing.

I feel better now as I realize that I have learned something I didn’t think I can do before visiting these sites.



2 Responses to “Week(6):A summary of what I have learned from the task of week-6- (Taking and Sharing Pictures)”

  1. Photoshop Says:


    It is wearisome striving to calculate the time we’ve spent looking up Photoshop articles….

  2. Erkan Yilmaz Says:

    مرحبا yes, it is hard initially with creating and licensing media. But with time it gets easier. I hope to see more contributions in the future by you then ? BTW: on Wikimedia commons some of your pictures were deleted again. Would you mind to have a look, so that people can use the pictures in the future in their projects ? شكرا لك

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