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Hi, it is almost the end of course, a thing which makes me regret and wounder how shall I stand to go back to my routin life after I got used to Wikis hardwork.In fact I feel that I am experiencing a change in my life for the better and I want to continue.

It was really tiresome period but It was interesting as well. In fact it costed me alot to stay with Wikiversity because I am working in an area which lacks real net expertise and advanced software. So It is worthworthy and I feel that I am lucky . Unfortunately I couldn’t open most of the blogs of Wkis’ Course participants. I managed to open only the following blogs which I am going to comment on.

As copyright licensing was the most puzzling question for me, I chose to start my commentation with this issue and begin with Cormac’s blog.

In his blog about copyright, Cormac discusses the advantages and disadvantages of copyright licensing leaving the debate opened because it is subject to different uses and circumstances. This technique in my opinion indicates uncertainity which is a new trend in modern literature. And it is really the characteristic of our nowadays.

On the other hand, Rosmari in her Blog about the same subject begins by refering to the historical background of copyright then she moves to the alternatives which technology offers. After that, Rosmari speaks about open education resources and the free license offered by CC.

 In her opinion this is a good alternative which allows everybody to get benefit without causing any harm. She stresses the question of compatibility with the state’s law. Before she moves finally to the copyright in Sweden she stresses her opinion that: technology makes a good alternative provided that there must be a compatibility with law. This is the common style of discussion which divides the topic into three points: general background-the body of the topic-A conclusion.

On the other hand, I enjoyed very much Juha Valonen’s  analysis and explanation of the effect of copyright on the process of thinking and creativity. He stated his opnion very clearly. Although he  justifys the process of protecting one’s works, yet he condemns manipulation of learning.  Juha is revolutionary to a great deal in his blog and uses realistic events of our everyday life in his critical essay. 

I will move now to a more artistic theme and discuss the beautiful blog of Barbara concerning taking and sharing pictures. The first thing which attracted my attention is the beautiful arrangement of her Page which added more touch of beauty to her artistic blog. So, Barbaras’ Blog and beuatiful images contributed together to make her blog interesting. The scene of the sculpture and the tower were beautiful but I am wondering how it will be  fantastic if we could see the whole tower with the scene around it, the same thing is for the Sculpture. Anyhow Brbara’s images reflected a high acuracy.  She was sucessfel in the links she made to add more concentration on her subject. 

Coming now to the self-paced  participants. In his blog about the freedom of software , James Neill handles the idea of free learning using links and examples. The essay attracted my attention, as I saw in it alot of humanitarian touches. James in his blog speaks about the human students and the human people rather than the consumers. He uses logic when he speaks about the importance of thinking in creating new ideas. He was sucessful in providing links to support his arguement.

With Enric Senabre Hidalgo, the artistic designer, I spent alot of time looking for a blog which I can handle and comment on. I was lost in the branches of his spanish presentations and divisions. Anyhow, I tried to understand his blog ” Some thoughts around Tuomi 2006″. He starts by discussing  The potential impact of open educational resource initiatives. He stresses his opinion which is contradictory to Tuomi’s obtimistic one, regarding the information society. Then he moves to speak about the importance of Open Source and its influence on the students and the future of learning, in general. Enric is very cultured and sophisticated and he tried to reflect that in his blogs. But, being just simple and new to the modern technology and techniques, I would have had enjoyed his blogs better if he used more simple approach. But I enjoyed his design which reflects clearly his artistic background. 

Moving now to a different issue with Gerald A. I am interested in what he wrote about Wikiversity and LeMill. I think I feel the same, regarding these two great institutions, in other words, things were easier with  Wikiversity concerning the acessibility and the search methods. I felt that LeMill is very advanced and huge for the starting users like me to explore its pages. It needed more time from me than Wikiversity did. In fact, the reason might be that I have got more familiar and more used to Wikiversity. Anyhow, Gerald forgot to mention the main clarifying technique which Wiki uses, that is, its board which enables everyone to explore Wikis and moves through its pages supported by the various links on every page.

What about Camila Dantas’  “Thinking about OER as a movement”. In her discussion, Camila reflects on Tuomi’s report by posing questions and wonderings about the role of Open Resource Movement and the role of the individuals in this movement. She states that it is early to meajure the amount of change this movement could offer. Alll we have in the meantime are mere questions and wonderings. Again, it is another technique to express uncertinity.

Now what did Mirka Jokela did with regard to Wikiversity and LeMill. In his blog about this subject, he stated that he registered in both institutions but he couldn’t contribute to their projects becuase he didn’t find something worthworthy to work upon. Well, I think it is enough  that he tried to do so. Every effort one makes in the way of learning deserves appreciation rather than shame. I am sure he will contribute to a great extent in the future, as long as he continues seeking learning..

I will conclude my blog with the hero of Wikis, Ercan. Ercan acts as our host and our tutor. With his questions he added alot of fun and joy, as well as, alot of precious information, instructions and invitations. Unfortunately Ercan, I didn’t start yet help in making the open source software better. But, I promise you to try my best as a reply to your invitation. In his blog about the future of open resources movement and free software, Ercan seems obtimistic and he stresses the importance of cooperation between governments in order to acheive the goal of Free Software and Open Resources movement.

He provides a great deal of examples and links about the methods of applying software techniques. He was really great. 


11 Responses to “Commenting on other blogs”

  1. Janet Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have spent a lot of time reading other participants’ blogs and make very thoughtful comments about the topics we’ve studied.

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  10. JJ Lightning Says:

    This is how a feedback and final assessment should be made. You did truly dig deep into our posts. You did find out what there was to be found and did comment it with wisdom but also provided a good criticism with sense of developing ideas.

    I personally want to thank You from your encouraging comments. And you was right, I was (I am) in rage most of the time B-)

    Greeting from the Delta of River Pielinen, Finland!


  11. keibr Says:

    As I went through the OER course I kept a check on 7 or 8 blogs of other participants but unfortunately (for me) this wasn’t one of them! Well, now I have found it and I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas.

    This course was partly so interesting because of the participants from all over the world. To get a window into places I have never been to is part of the joy of studying in this way. At the same time as Syria is a country that is often in the news in Europe we get very little information or knowledge about the country.

    We need to communicate a lot more people to people across the world and this course has helped to do that!

    Keith Bryant (keibr)

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