Week-10: How we can make it better next time.

Hi, I will say now goodbye to the blog assignments and wishing to see you all again – Wikis and the participants- all of you.

Well, I am sure that the coming course would be better after this experience-whether for the participants or for the Wikis. As for us, we are all now familiar with Wiki, its pages, contents, projects.etc. As for Wikis, our evaluation and feedback, as well as our assignments and activity during the class must have given them an insight.

What I want to suggest in this regard is  to get the assignments away from becoming boring and elaborative. Some topics were long-just reading them required alot of time and patience- imagin how it would be difficult to read and summerize each week alot of pages which combine between technology,literature and even sometimes history. I think that , the audio, video, and photograhy assignments were a breath of fresh air .

If we are speaking here about applying the new technology in learning, I suggest to use videos and podcasting in the next courses. As for me I will enjoy the course to the full by watching videos, T.vs, and even computer programs like Power point explaning in picture and sound what shall we do to learn for example photographing, downloading and uploading and even to get CC license. I have the impression that we will enjoy the way of displaying the course assignments and applying them better, using these techniques.

On the other hand, we will save this time to make more discussion, more contribution to Wiki’s projects and contents, as well as editting the topics which we like. 

In this course- may be because it was my first experience- I felt that I needed more time to be more active and contribute better to Wikis’ projects.

I am still thirsty to Wikis’ and LeMill’s spring of learning and I have many questions and wonderings that  I need to find their answers during their tremondous contents and pages.

I wish Wiki and all the participants complete sucess and good luck.

By the way, if the participants wanted to make any project or questionaire, I will be under their disposal.

My Best Wishes and Regards for all of you.


2 Responses to “Week-10: How we can make it better next time.”

  1. podcast directory Says:

    podcast directory…

    Nicely put…

  2. podcast directory Says:

    Nicely put

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