Week-9:FeedBack and Reflective thoughts-What did I learn


I think that the last week assignment was the most difficult one. The first thing which comes across my mind now is that I am short of time. The challenge is accelerating.

Well, It wasn’t easy at all. May be because it was the first time for me. I was new for everything in this course starting from the blog, the feed, the Rss and ending with the Video and photographing techniques.

I have already spoken about my impression in my previous blog. So, what I have learned?

 Ok, we have an old proverb which we always repeat, that is, Learning is Light and Ignorance is Darkness. I feel really that I am enlightened. Not to mention the topics which we have learned during the period of the course, I have got more command of English Language; since language is the means of communication, and actually it served like that. Moreover, I have got more familiar with the Net after visiting the abundant sites required by us in our assignments.

It was an interesting experience with Wikiversity, its pages and board; where participants may meet and interact through its discussion page, as well as, capturing the topic they like just by cliking “Edit”.

The course was also a means of saving money and time; as we are tought to use many programs like Photoshope, Audio Player and how to transform MP3 sound, how to upload and download photos, Podcasts and Videos-I have learned also how to use Studio Video Program which links the photos together and turn it into videos- and thank god I have managed at last to solve the puzzle of licensing. In our daily life each topic of the above mentioned requires a full time course. 

Above all, I am recognizing now the importance of team learning in creating challenge and make learning more enjoyable. It would be great to apply it in our educational institutions.

What I liked more is that I restored my old hobby, which is writing and promoted it during the course assignments.

I wish really to contribute and come back to Wiki, as I am indebted to it.



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